About us

We are Nol and Tim Koene, father and son. We manage the day to day operations of the organization.

Together with our great team we strive for continuous improvement and we want to be the best in our product groups.

In addition, we focus on market-oriented production. We have various projects to try to determine whether there are unused opportunities in the market. The combination of our stubborn 'first seeing, then believing' attitude, combined with a 'just try it' mentality, has resulted in various market introductions. As a result, the customer is regularly surprised with novelties.


After decades of bell pepper production, the nursery was converted into a Camellia nursery in 2002. In 2005 the unique houseplant Anigozanthos was added to the assortment. The organization continued to look for a product that could be sold in the spring. Because of this, Beautyplants has also started growing the Mandevilla.