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Beautyplants has a narrow range of plants due to the permanent selection of varieties. An assortment that was created by looking at the flower, the shelf life, budding, growth and the Northern European climate. Every year, new varieties of the 3,000 different Camellia species are tested. As a result, our range is innovative and the quality is continuously improving. A perfect assortment for the grower, the trader and the consumer.


The Camellia is an evergreen Japanese shrub with leathery leaves and beautiful flowers. From simple to a flower shape like a filled peony.

The Camellia is a unique garden plant, which blooms very early in the spring. In February and March, to be precise. If the Camellia is well cared for, the shrub can grow into a true tree.


For the care of the Camellia, a number of things are of great importance. Most Camellias are for sale from December to March. It is advisable to keep the Camellia in the grower’s pot during the first period, or to transplant it into a larger tub until the end of April. After this you can plant the shrub in the garden. If you plant the Camellia too early in the garden, the wet weather may cause bud drop or root rot.



  • give your Camellia sufficient water, but make sure that the water can drain properly;
  • make sure you find a place where there is no morning sun. This can cause bud drop;
  • make the planting hole twice as big as the root ball from the pot, both in width and in depth;
  • fill the plant hole with acid potting soil (Rhododendron soil) around the root ball;
  • a Camellia hates lime; never give it tap water;
  • a Camellia does not need a lot of fertilizer. A single annual standard fertilization is more than sufficient.

Our Camellias

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