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Beautyplants has a great selection of Mandevilla varieties at its disposal. In addition to the standard Sundaville Classics, there are also tests with various novelties from breeder Moerheim. Beautyplants works hard to distinguish itself from the regular Mandevilla market through innovative cultivation solutions and market-oriented production.


The Sundaville is the modern garden plant for young and old. The Sundaville starts flowering from March and keeps going until the first frost. The plant is always in bloom through the rapid follow-up of flowers. In addition, the plant hardly needs any care.



The Mandevilla is easy to maintain. The plant needs barely any care. If you meet the points below, nothing can go wrong.


  • the best location is in the half-sun / semi-shade. The plant can also be placed in the shade or in full sun, then the flowering will be less rich;
  • beware: if watered too much, the plant will show more yellow leaves. Tip: give moderate amounts of water. A slightly damp or rather dry potting soil is best;
  • do not put the plant in the ground. The earth in Northern Europe can certainly be quite cold and humid in the spring. The Mandevilla cannot stand this. It is advisable to put the plant in a planter;
  • the Mandevilla is not hardy and will die off if frost occurs. If you want to overwinter the plant, put it in a warm and light place, between 8 and 15 degrees Celsius;
  • pay attention when pruning, the plant contains white plant sap that is very sticky. This cannot be removed from clothing. Tip: use a pair of older pruning shears when pruning, because the plant sap is difficult to remove.

Our Sundaville

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